I've worked seasonally for the National Park Service for more than a decade from Alaska to Texas. In that time I have done everything from maintenance, interpretation and entrance fees to video production, exhibit design and webcam management. 


This is a small example of my photography using images that are mostly related to National Parks. 


Below you can see some of the wayside exhibits I designed for Glacier National Park in the summer of 2017. 


The videos above and the pictures below illustrate a small fraction of the social media content I have created for National Parks. Click on the pictures below to enlarge.


In Katmai National Park I was a seasonal Visual Information Specialist managing the infamous #BearCams. I was a direct contact point and manager for this uniquely high profile partnership between the NPS and I worked on the park's six webcams and conducted regular interpretive live chats. I developed new operating procedures for these live chats that made them easier to do and dramatically increased their reach. When fully cross promoting our live chats with Department of Interior and NPS social media channels we could have as many as two million active viewers during live programs. 


In 2013-2014 I worked with Grand Teton National Park to create twelve short films highlighting the beauty and management challenges of the Moose-Wilson Road corridor. More of the films can be seen here. 

All content created by Daniel Lombardi. Copyright 2017.